About Us

Alert Respond and Manage Internet of Things. We aim to be the central monitoring platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), managing billions of devices and offering our customers stand-alone sensors that solve real world problems and are simple to use.


With over 3.6 Billion Internet users and 3.5 Billion Smartphone users Internet of Things - devices and sensors can connect to the ArmIt Network via global cellular and terrestrial networks. These networks cover 90% of the world’s population.

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Robust, Scalable

We have created a fully scalable and redundant network that has the ability to Alert, Respond and Monitor Internet of Things (IoT).

Simple, Cost Effective Solutions

ArmIt provides customers with monitoring solutions and simple devices to monitor what is important to them, without the need for complex network setup, WiFI or power. (No Plugs, Just Play.)

Problem Solved…

There are millions of assets, systems; applications and environments on earth that need monitoring for countless reasons. ArmIt has an off the shelf solution to solve any problem.